Revamp the Outside

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Last weekend, actually it was 2 weekends ago, I pressure washed my lower outside patio. Ok, you can't tell, but it looks so much better! We have been living in heat and mosquito infested Florida, so it was nice to go outside. And I have a new love for this back patio. The rest of my yard can seem big and unruly but I have decided to rework this whole area. To see other photos, click here.  My paintings that are seen there are also not as "new" looking. Actually, my daughter wanted to paint her rocking chairs pink so we have a whole new color scheme going on back there. Therefore, we must update it all. Like mother, like daughter:)

I am also super excited about a container garden. My last house had a super fabulous yard. Oh, I miss it. Not the house, just the yard. The previous owner fertilized that yard everyday for 30 years. Thank you! That is how I got things to grow. The current yard has lots of clay and that is sad for me. This previous owner had billions of camellias everywhere. Oh, how I love the camellia. It is such a sweet, colorful, southern flower. This describes one of my daughters too.

Here are a few of my container "pins." To see other gardening ideas, check out my pinterest garden board. 

ok not a container but thought it was pretty:)

FSU verses Clemson

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Fight, Fight, Fight for FSU

Pep in My Step

Get ready for the FSU game by going out and getting your own FSU necklace. Now, I went to Clemson but I grew up with FSU, but I know my Clemson people are cringing. Sorry guys! I just think FSU is in my blood. But in time, maybe I will do a Clemson necklace and dare I say, UF necklace? My husband may not allow that one.

Go check out these necklaces at Chrysalis and Bedfellows. I also added some other designs to Chrysalis yesterday. Enjoy!

Before and After: A Master Bedroom Redesigned

Monday, September 17, 2012

Close up of the bed

Laying it all out before it was shipped
Viola! Really its Voila, but I have an aunt Viola and it seems more fun to say it that way. 

I am so glad this came together and looks so amazing. My sister and I have been working, working, working on her bedroom. I think I sewed 9 pillows, 2 curtain panels, oh no, make that 4 curtain panels, all in a week! Whew. Ok, that was for the whole house but everything looks so great!

When we started this bedroom, we had found this wonderful fabric but it was not in stock and way more money than what we wanted to spend.It was a hard one to get over. I talked about all of that on this day. But we were able to rebound and do okay, and actually, I think we knocked this one out of the park.

So, let me give you the run down. The standard shams were made from a marvy fabric I have been admiring for some time. I learned the new pillow technique to flange the edges. The flange was a yummy polka dot fabric made by Kravet. The back ( you can't see it, sadly) was a brown small geometric print I picked up from Joanns. The blue and cream chevron did a great job of tying the edge of the curtains together with everything. The curtains my mom made several years ago and we repurposed them in this bedroom. The border was actually a red plaid and my sister had the brilliant idea of covering it up. Duh! I had already used this Annie Selkie print and had some leftover. That was great! The coral coverlet she already had. I think everything turned out so beauitful! It looks like her. And I like her so it worked out well.

I Still Dream About You

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I keep thinking about this fabric. After starting a pinterest board all about purple and trying to find a new love for it, I do have a new love for it! I don't have any in my house and while I don't want a purple powder room, a touch of plum, or aubergine could do me justice. I still think of a lavender dress I tried on years ago for prom. Ok, I know how that sounds. It was plain front, sleeveless, boatneck, backless and form fitting, and puddled at the bottom. I could see some idiot boy stepping on it so I didn't get it. But I look good in purple. Why couldn't I have been a purple bridesmaid? I mean, it is all about me...

Right, anyways, this fabric is currently for sale at Chrysalis. I haven't been this week- miss you guys! It would look good in my bedroom but would require redoing some other things. Has that ever stopped me?

And on another note, I Still Dream About You is a great book by Fannie Flagg. Its a hoot!

New Necklace: FSU Necklace

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Fight, Fight, Fight for FSU

I am happy to announce a new member of The Governor's Daughter family. She is garnet and gold and loves it when you shout. Shout as in cheering on your team. I am doing more than one and although they won't be exact replicas of one another, they will be similar. This is an original length one which is 18" and I will be doing the Long and Skinny size as well. I have one at Bedfellows right now, I will be putting some in Chrysalis and you can always purchase on my etsy site.  If you are local, let me know and I will change the price because you won't need to pay shipping and we can do a meet and greet ie I leave in your mailbox.  Back to business...  yay for the FSU necklace! We call her Fight, Fight, Fight for FSU.

It's a bird, it's a, it's a birthday!

Monday, September 10, 2012
For my husbands birthday, I took it upon myself to have a theme. Y'all know he was thrilled with a theme:) Actually, he was a good sport about it. But I digress...

Felt Masks for Attendees aka family who obligatory wore them- my mom wore hers through supper:)

a small party goer modeling her custom mask, she now uses it as a headband

Wolverine on the cake

I decided to have a Super Hero Party. We had family over and ate supper and had cake (more on that later) and enjoyed the happy decor. The most fun I had was making the masks. My daughter and I did it together which made it even more fun but we cut out shapes from felt and glued them to the masks.

I used old comic books and cut them up to hang curly things from the chandelier and made them into "placemats" as well. Balloons spruced up the place. You would think this birthday was for a 7 year old, not a 35 year old!

Now, the cake was a bust. Sad but true. It ended up being super dry. The bright side is that my daughter and I baked a Co Cola ( yeah yeah I know its Coca Cola but for THE Governor's Daughter, she called it Co Cola and it will evermore be Co Cola) Cake. Hello! I shouldn't have even wasted my time with this golden cake, as the fancy book called it. I did make it for my daughters first birthday but it was good that time. Who knows?

Happy Day!

On a personal note...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mama and Baby. I don't have a project to post right now, wonder why? Love my girls. 

Welcome Bedfellows!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Traveling Abroad

My Rock

I am very happy to announce a new shop that is carrying The Governor's Daughter necklaces. If you are local to Tallahassee, you know the fabulous store Bedfellows. I remember registering there when I got married ( I got grand sheets for my new bed, cute hand towels, beautiful water glasses, darling linens, and the list goes on...) They have updated their already wonderful store and I am so thrilled to have my work displayed and for sale. Go check it out!

Tea Party

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We had a grand tea party this summer. I still hadn't quite cleaned up from the party the night before so we used some of the same decorations and pulled out the fine china for the kids. Yes, fine china for the kids. My mom picked up Starbucks breads and cut them up and served them with our tea. Surprisingly, the boys sat for awhile and the girls stayed too! One set of china, called Avocado, was my grandmothers and the other set, Chinese Bouquet by Herend,  I registered for when I got married. I love any excuse to use my china. Enjoy!


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