A Visit to Thomasville in the works?

Friday, November 30, 2012

These characters ventured outside last week. This was actually the first set I painted. Its interesting how person after person evolved into a thinner, folkier version. My favorite is Joseph.

This next set is on its way to Thomasville. My work will be for sale at The Bookshelf. Along with a few other artists, my art will be incorporated into the already existing happy shop for the month of December. There are several nativity sets, necklaces ( long and short), and some darling dollies. I will share those next week.

Happy Friday. We will be getting our christmas tree this weekend. Now how to decorate it....?

Cyber Monday Sale, Sale , Sale!

Monday, November 26, 2012
Now until midnight( or let's face it, when I remember tomorrow to take it down) you can get 25% off everything in my etsy store. And free shipping. Use coupon code freeshipping and fuchsiafriday for 25% off. If you are local, I can drop off to you.

And remember...I am having a Thomasville show for the month of December. My wares will be house in The Bookshelf in Thomasville, Ga. Its a darling store and they are nice people. 

Happy Cybering!

Sale! Sale! Sale! Now Through Monday

Friday, November 23, 2012
Fuchsia Friday sale now through Monday, November 26th. Go check out my etsy site for all of the deals. 25% off, use the code fuchsiafriday, and for free shipping, use the code freeshipping.

An Evening with My Love

I am selling necklaces and manger scenes right now. If you are local, we can set up a meet and greet. Or really, I drop off on your front porch.

Happy Shopping!

25% off and free shipping!

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Yes, that's right. I am having a Black Friday sale but I am calling it a Fuchsia Friday Sale. And yes, I know why we call it a black Friday but I just wanted a little bit more color.
A Fall Beach Trip

Everything in my etsy site is 25% off but you must use the coupon code fuchsiafriday.

The Long and Skinny of It

To receive free shipping, use the coupon code freeshipping. 

Baby Jesus from the Nativity Scene
And if you are local, use the coupon code and we can arrange a drop off. I will also be adding other nativities, necklaces and maybe a few surprises(!?!?!) throughout the time of the sale but go check out my etsy site to see what I have. The sale will go through Cyber Monday, November 26th.

Go get 'em!

My Latest Project

Monday, November 19, 2012
I have been busy in the sweat shop! I am really excited about my latest project. I haven't quite unpacked the creative process of how I starting making these ( more to come on that later ) but it has been a joy to make them. Literally. A Joy.

My daughter and I have been painting together over the last 9 months in the afternoon together. It is one of my favorite times of the day. 

I love the mix of fabric, paint and clouds ( pillow stuffing, but clouds as my daughter calls them.)

Mary with red shoes and a necklace, just a little something she picked up. 

Baby Jesus. I love the shine to it.

I have more and will offer some at my next show that will be in Thomasville at The Bookshelf starting after Thanksgiving and will run though the month of December. And of course, you can find some in my etsy site, including this one. And don't forget about my etsy sale...starting manana!

Happy Painting!

Fuchsia Friday Sale!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012
So, I am thinking of having a sale on my necklaces on my etsy site. And with Black Friday coming up, it seems fitting, but I am not call mine Black Friday. Maybe Fuchsia Friday? Actually, upon binging( yes i am trying to make that a verb) fuchsia to make sure I am spelling it correctly, I had forgotten its a flower. Yes, its a stunning color but also stunning flower. My husband bought me one once and that seems nice. So, Fuchsia Friday it is!!

These are some of the ones I will offer as well as others that are already on there:

 More info to come! Not sure what the sale will be or look like, but the necklaces will be on sale.


oh and here is a fuschia.

To all my Clemson peeps out there

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
I have been working on necklaces and other doo dads and paintings for a show I am doing soon, VERY soon! I put that "very" in there for me. Egad! Not much time...

Anyways, I had the chance to create some necklaces the other day and came up with a Clemson one. I like!

And while I worked, I watched this movie. I was a tad obsessed with it a few years ago. I think it began my love affair with California (yes, this scene is Colorado.)

Anyone interested in a Clemson necklace? Let me know...

Fabric for me! or for him, or him, or her, or her...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My fabric stash is getting kind of low...oh no!

Just like some plan to have their refrigerator stocked, I like to have my fabric drawer stocked.

You never know when an idea might strike, or a little takes a longer nap or you NEED to make some throw pillows for your sofa.

Every year, I want to do an all handmade Christmas. Now, if I start in August, it just might get completed! But that ain't gonna happen, I know me:)  Just as less is more, the same is true about handmade items. I tend to want to do too much and make everything I see, but then they all get lost in everything. However, I am going back through my ideas of what to sew and make, and pulling out the ones I think will really be appreciated and ones that look enjoyable to sew.

SO with that in mind, I am looking, buying and adding to my prized fabric drawer.

And to see some of these in person, go to Chyrsalis or visit Hawthorne Threads online.

A Strict Blogger

Saturday, November 10, 2012
I am usually a strictly blogging on weekdays kind of girl, that wasn't really much of a possibility this week. In my mind, if my blog gets really famous, I don't want to have to work on weekends and people expect a post. Hey, it makes sense.

Back to reality...

I made these necklaces a couple of weeks ago and haven't shared. With Christmas coming up, there are lots of gifties for people to buy. What about a Governor's Daughter necklace? These can be purchased at Chrysalis or check out my etsy site.

Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, Happy Birthday to me a couple of weeks ago. I am slowing down in my old age so it took me awhile to post this:) Or maybe its the fact I am a stay at home mama with 2 little ones...

On a side note, I am pretty excited because I finally got some laundry put away while my two littles played on my bed. Simple and happy. 

For my birthday, my parents fixed us supper. My mom did her table all up. Isn't it lovely? Wonder where I get it from...

The contrast of the brown with the yellow is so pleasant and the decor on the chandelier is a nice added bonus. I especially liked the use of the crops. I don't know why I used the word crops. Well, certainly, they were someones crops and we are enjoying the fruits( literally!) of their labor.

I also got a kick out of this. Thank you Dad for using the sign from last year.

I had such a nice birthday and I am so thankful for such great friends and family. The Lord has blessed my greatly in my 31 years. Yay!

DIY Princess Dress: I costumed it!

Monday, November 5, 2012

For Halloween, my daughter wanted to be a princess. Well, of course! We visited my sister for Halloween and since Halloween was on a Wednesday, we went to her church that night and they had the kids dress up as saints. I liked the idea. I did some research and came upon St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She was a saint, check, and she was a princess, check. We did our artistic interpretation of what we thought she might wear.

I had pinned a cute dress awhile ago I wanted to make. I "costumed" it. Yes, I like that term. I used an old
t-shirt for the top and found super shiny fabric for the bottom. Here is the original tutorial.

Now, I am thinking about making another one, less costumey.

*I might want to take a little tutorial on photo editing:)


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