thanksgiving leftovers

Thursday, February 27, 2014
I realize there are several things that I did not "catalog" from Thanksgiving. These are ideas that came to fruition and that does not always happen around here. So hooray for a project dreamed up, executed and it held together!

First off, we made these cute notebooks for Thanksgiving. We called them our thankful books. 

I bought small note books that were very inexpensive from Hobby Lobby that had blank white pages on the inside. I cut out fabric pieces in the shape of turkey feathers, as well as a body and gobbler. Its not called a gobbler. Its called a...?

The kids got to pick whatever 6 feathers out and I helped glue everything on. They then wrote "thankful" on a small piece of cardstock and glued it on. 

I thought that they turned out really well and each child could master it. I had 4 to 9 years old aged children and they all loved making them. 

The best part was the inside. The kids drew pictures of things they were thankful for. This girly was thankful for rainbows:) Yes, this project makes my heart happy.

And for the second project, we decorated our house for Thanksgiving with old works of art. My daughter and I cut out feather shapes from old drawings. ( Yes, it hurt a little but also I was proud of me for 
recycling!) We then did a quick wash with watered down paint over the feathers. After they dried, we sewed them together into this garland. 

Happy way late Thanksgiving!

a project in waiting: white quilts

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
I was watching tv the other night/day ( who can remember anymore?) and I like to feel like I am getting something accomplished while watching. I don't know why. Although, a good old fashioned couch potato session can be super nice, with a side of my strawberry crumble dessert. 

Anyways, I cut these bricks out of fabrics I have from other projects. Maybe a table runner? Maybe a baby blanket? I can't decide.

 On the note of playing with fabric and laying them out in different patterns, one should really read The Gentle Art of Domesticity. Helps give words to what I do and want to do everyday at home. And just realized I have written about it before but called it by the wrong name. Whatevs. Still a fantastic book. The author talks about laying out fabrics, candy, cupcakes, etc in fun patterns. Patteries. Thats we call them around here.

Back to my fabric at the top...
I like the idea of them bordered in white. White- yikes! It just seems like its yelling out for mustard, coffee and little orange fingers. 

Yeah, but you can bleach them, put them back on a little wet and in no time flat.
I don't buy it. 
( FYI, I have been looking at a lot of sofas lately with my mom. White sofa and 5 grandchildren? Makes me have sweaty palms just thinking about it.)

But I might just go for it. Not the sofa. The white on a quilt. 

Aren't these nice?

Who knew I would ever like white? It sets off the other colors nicely. I will keep you updated. Got to wait until another Castle comes on.
No, really. 

an "anthropologie" outfit

Thursday, February 20, 2014
I loved this idea for a sweet valentine's present. I am thinking about doing one for Easter as well or just maybe because.

The shirt I saw at Old Navy and knew my girls would like the butterfly. I sewed the skirt from fabric I bought that day, some Amy Butler something or other. But I thought it made the shirt so much cuter and had an Anthropologie feel to it because they were not matchy matchy. 

Ahh. And what a beauitful day it was! And a reminder of a sweet and simple valentine's day. 

hearts are always in season

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
I made 2 little dresses for valentine's day, although for little girls, hearts are always in season. Love that about them. And the carefree love of lavender. 

I had 2 plain pink dresses from Old Navy and jazzed them up a bit. I appliqued a heart on the top and added ruffles to the bottom. Girly girls loved them!

valentine's day

Monday, February 17, 2014
I know this is after the fact but one of the reasons I have this blog is to remind myself of things I have made and created to celebrate special days around my house. And we had a special valentine's day here. We had our cousins and another family over to decorate cupcakes. It was easy and delightful. 

My daughter and I pieced together this heart garland. I simply cut hearts from felt and she handed them to me as I sewed them together. It stood out so well against the white, and was a nice pop of happy pink and red.

Have I talked about this runner? I can't remember. The top was finished for the soiree but I still haven't finished the back. That's the boring part so therefore, I haven't sewn it yet. I already have plans for my next runner. It was nice because cupcakes and icing didn't get on it from the kids but it provides some pizazz. Plus, I can still sew something for the table. I could have used boring old brown paper but that is certainly not as fun for me.

I must admit, I made the cupcakes from a box. Gasp. I can't believe I was okay with it but they were good. Plus, one of my nephews is gluten free and I found the box to be easier. I will say, and I was shocked, the gluten free chocolate cupcake was better then the red velvet normal ones. 

Hope your valentines was stress free and enjoyable!

china cabinet for sale

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
This is not a super exciting post but for someone it could be? I am selling this french blue china cabinet on craigslist. It is a corner cabinet with storage below. Great in this color but could easily be painted to whatever you like. I am rearranging my living room and I don't need this, plus I have a new piece of furniture coming in:)

I am asking $165. Let me know if you are interested. or my facebook page

disclaimer: it does not come with junk seen in reflection of glass. sorry folks. or the pond either.

valentine's day quilted runner

Monday, February 10, 2014
I have been working on this puppy for Valentine's Day. It is a bit of a wonky styled runner. Say that 3 times! Wonky Styled Runner, Wonky Styled Runner, Wonky Styled Runner!
I like!

old school

Thursday, February 6, 2014
I found this picture on my computer of an old room in our house. It was my "guest room" and then eventually to baby 1 and now baby 2. Seeing this picture makes me happy. And I have kept the color the same! Impressive for moi. 

Just as we have pictures of us growing up, I find that I also treasure the pictures that were taken in my room, at the kitchen table and my family eating supper as a child. These were the places were memories were formed and life was lived. 

I still can conjure up the yellow formica counter tops in our kitchen. My mom was ahead of her time:)

Our Creator and Camellias: makes life worth living

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Such a pretty day here today. I love living on a pond. The view is spectacular. I never knew I wanted to live on a pond until I lived here, and now, I am so thankful that the Lord knew what I desired even when I did not know myself.

Some of my first art class drawings were of camellias. At the time, I think I was in early elementary school, I wasn't sure what a camellia was. I remember being intrigued by the light, the shadows the petals made on each other and the layering of the petals. I am still intrigued by it. 

And in our yard, we have the most amazing camellias. I am thankful for the husband and wife who lived here before us and grew their family here. He was a gardener and she was an artist. 

 And now the Lord is growing my family here. He weaves together different pieces and precious parts to intertwine and make my story. His light dances off different petals to create a beautiful and moving piece of art. 
 A piece of art that has depth. It has been nurtured, grown and supported by Him. 

And He is making you beautiful too. Step into His throne room and be watered, pruned and enjoyed by Our Maker to become the one who He made you to be. Makes life worth living. 


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