Diabetic Shock

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
While I was pregnant this last time, I was borderline gestational(ly?) diabetic.

What. A. Blow. 

So instead of eating the sweet, I painted them for this new baby girls room. 

I always display my art on the washer, don't you?

Even the crumbs were delicious!

My First Love

Friday, February 20, 2015
I have been back in my studio aka my kitchen island or dining room table working on some necklaces. My necklaces are what got me started with The Governor's Daughter. I am still creating necklaces but also sewing baby blankets, sewing giraffes (more on that later), painting and knitting.

These are all available for purchase from Sweet Patina.

Upon writing this, I can't get Lionel Richie out of my head. My First Love... I do love that song. It was even more amazing when Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie did shows together. 

Baby Boy Blanket

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
I made this for a friend earlier this fall. He was actually born the night of my mother in laws funeral. It was nice to see life on that day. 

I really liked the multi stripey chevron fabric. I was even more pleased with the look of the wicker weave fabric with the multi stripey chevron. 

It was a nice masculine baby look. Yes, thats a term. 

Real butterflies and halloween butterflies

For Halloween and yes that was awhile ago, my 2 baby girls dressed up as butterflies. 

We found a butterfly costume that seemed "simple" on pinterest. We created our own brand of butterfly but it turned out so pretty. It required much more glue then I think they meant for it too:)

We have been into the butterfly since last summer. Well, it all started with a caterpillar. And there were several different types of caterpillars. We would find one and then go look it up. ( Don't touch! Look up first! ) My daughters and I were learning things together for the first time. It was really special for all of us. And actually, my husband and parents got into it too.

This was our caterpillar, Yellow. 

Then she went and started her chrysalis. So fascinating. 

It gets darker over time and right before the monarch emerges, the chrysalis becomes more clear and you can actually see through to their wings. See it?

And then she came back! Then her name was Orange. My daughters learned new things and I did too. I can't wait to catch one again next year.

This was my daughters picture of a zebra longwing. I was captivated by the butterflies and caterpillars in my own yard.

 I feel as though we must travel far and wide to experience His earth and we don't always have the time and money. However! I am learning that the Lord gifts us with beauty and pleasure in our slice of earth. And I am grateful.

Happy day to each of you. 

happy stacker

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

For my third baby girl, yes, while I was away I had a baby, and a darling baby I might add, I created this happy stacker. I know that last sentence was a doozy of grammar. 

While I love how this turned out, it required my full attention. I am glad I sewed it before she was born and when I felt good in the 2nd trimester. 

Now, I did enjoy it once I figured it out. I was so proud of me! Basically, I created fabric pillow donuts. And 5 of them. They were cute. 

I have no idea when baby girl #3 while even notice this, but baby girl #2 enjoys it. But it makes for pretty decor in her nursery and I had a fantastic time picking out the fabrics. 

I am not sure I will willingly make one again. Ok, I would but when I know have time to devote to it and have the patience. Say 15 years?


It has been a busy season in my house. 

I have had lots of blog ideas in my head and clever topics and deep insight that the Lord has showed me. I had the intention to write them here. It is nice to have people read this blog but really, I enjoy reading it for me. I like to look back and see what I have created, what kind of inspiration our God has given me and remind myself that sometimes I can be creative and pull something off. 

I realize now that those previous insights I was going to turn into posts were for me, just me. Planning a written post enabled me to compose my thoughts and provide some sort of organization for those thoughts. I need organization.

So, with that being said...I would like to say I am back. We'll see how long it lasts. 

Biggest Girl Birthday

Thursday, August 7, 2014
We had our biggest girls birthday a few weeks ago. We decided on a flamingo theme. Happy party, happy hearts. 

It was a chocolate cake that was amozing, yes, amozing. I have made it since. It was a 4 layer chocolate cake with our own pink icing.  We found the flamingo little sticks somewhere but my daughter helped decorate the cake. I like how a flock of flamingos set themselves up right there on our cake. 

I used green fabric on super sale, thank you Chrysalis, for our table cloths. My daughters and I cut out scrap fabrics of pinks and corals and created the garland overhead. I love making those, not only for my sake but little hands and hearts can help too. 

My aunt was here and her birthday is a couple days from my daughters so we celebrated them together. This was a peach crystal. We named it that. Its a twist on my strawberry crumble.  Its an embarrassment as to how many times I have made this dessert. Ahh, delightful. The candles also melted into the peach crystal because it was so hot. We were eager!

The flowers were just.... there are no words. I am so thankful for this house and this yard the Lord has given us to cultivate. My husband has a knack for the yard and gardening. A hobby that came later in life for him but I am grateful to reap the rewards. These flowers were from some of our harvest.

Happy birthday biggest girl! 


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