Before and After: A Master Bedroom Redesigned

Monday, September 17, 2012

Close up of the bed

Laying it all out before it was shipped
Viola! Really its Voila, but I have an aunt Viola and it seems more fun to say it that way. 

I am so glad this came together and looks so amazing. My sister and I have been working, working, working on her bedroom. I think I sewed 9 pillows, 2 curtain panels, oh no, make that 4 curtain panels, all in a week! Whew. Ok, that was for the whole house but everything looks so great!

When we started this bedroom, we had found this wonderful fabric but it was not in stock and way more money than what we wanted to spend.It was a hard one to get over. I talked about all of that on this day. But we were able to rebound and do okay, and actually, I think we knocked this one out of the park.

So, let me give you the run down. The standard shams were made from a marvy fabric I have been admiring for some time. I learned the new pillow technique to flange the edges. The flange was a yummy polka dot fabric made by Kravet. The back ( you can't see it, sadly) was a brown small geometric print I picked up from Joanns. The blue and cream chevron did a great job of tying the edge of the curtains together with everything. The curtains my mom made several years ago and we repurposed them in this bedroom. The border was actually a red plaid and my sister had the brilliant idea of covering it up. Duh! I had already used this Annie Selkie print and had some leftover. That was great! The coral coverlet she already had. I think everything turned out so beauitful! It looks like her. And I like her so it worked out well.


  1. I love to see what you come up with Holly! You are an inspriration to me and many others.

    1. thanks suzanne! I thought the pillows turned out so great. heard you were doing jingle jubilee. how exciting!



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