Political Dress Code

Friday, August 31, 2012
I don't want to talk politics just clothes. Ok? I did realize last night that my whole business is named after a political office. Hmmm... Anyways,

I thought what Ann Romney had on last night was so fabulous. The color of the dress, with the oversized brooch, red lipstick, blond hair and a bit of color on her skin was well done. And this picture isn't doing it justice.

I still think of the green gloves Michelle Obama wore on inauguration day.

And that lovely white suit Laura Bush wore. She was glowing. Maybe she was so glad because she was about to get out of there and sleep in her own bed. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed.

Happy weekend!

Straight Talk with Pinterest: Tissue Paper Flowers

Tuesday, August 28, 2012
thanks to Aunt Peaches

I recently found this tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers. I made them for my mother in laws birthday party and I was so happy the way they turned out. I used tissue paper I had on hand but next time I will do more colors. And they were fun and easy to make. To see more of my pinterest pins and ideas, go here.  Happy Day!

and the winner is...

Sunday, August 26, 2012
The winner of the free necklace giveaway is:

Linda J!

I know she will be very excited. Please facebook message me or email me at the governorsdaughter@gmail.com to let me know your address so I can get you Thankful. Thank you to everyone who participated and there will be more in the future. In the meantime, feel free to purchase one on my etsy site or one of the shops.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

T minus 8 hours and then...

Friday, August 24, 2012

There are 8 more hours to sign up for the free necklace giveaway! The necklace called Thankful, is up for grabs. Go to this post to register. I will then pick a winner and let everyone know. Hooray!

Don't forget to register for the FREE GIVEAWAY!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

I started a back to school giveaway yesterday. Don't forget to sign up to win Thankful. It was picked by The Governor's Daughters' facebook fans. super fun! In order to try to win, visit yesterdays post

Free Necklace Giveaway Starts Now!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I am doing a free necklace giveaway starting now and running through Saturday, August 25th. In order to win the necklace, follow the instructions below. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Beginnings of a Free Giveaway...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I am doing a back to school giveaway. Yay! The giveaway will start tomorrow( I will give more information tomorrow) but you can vote/like on facebook for the necklace that you want to be the giveaway necklace. So head on over to The Governor's Daughter Facebook page and "like" the necklace you want to win. Look under the album Necklaces-For Sale. This seems fun- can't wait to see which one it will be!

image courtesy of girliemom.com

Birthday Party for Grandmother

Monday, August 20, 2012

We had a birthday party for my mother-in-law at the end of July. It was a delightful event and she loved it, which is the most important thing. I had a grand time getting ready for it. Here is what I did:

I made a cake! The cake was a famous chocolate wafer cake. Its old fashioned, sweet and has lots of good memories for my family. I made another one here

The decor. I made tissue paper flowers and hung them throughout my dining room. I got the idea from my pinterest page

More of the tissue paper flowers. 

Here are some real flowers. I bought the fabric on sale(yay!) and plan to repurpose the tablecloth as napkins for her as a reminder of her special birthday. 

My helper is in there somewhere. 

The table. I used cut fabric for the tablecloth. The plates are great paper plates from Target. I had been eyeing them for awhile. There were a watercolor pattern. I am glad I finally got to use them! The chandelier has ribbon draped around it. 

We all loved the cake!

I shaped the cake into a circle. I used flowers I had already arranged and put them in the center. The mint was cut from my garden and used as an accent. It also leaves a nice flavor behind.

One more of the cake...

Hope you enjoyed our party. We did:)

Baby Sister Nursery

Thursday, August 16, 2012
I realized the other day that I never posted Baby Sister's nursery on here. Well, I did sort of but it linked to Project Nursery's site. But I wanted to have a copy on here. Here it is!

This is the quilt that my mom made for Baby Sister. So beautiful! She used fabric, tea towels and the center cross stitched butterfly my grandmother had made years before. 

The nursery seen from the doorway. The rug is Tangerine Dream by Dash and Albert. The crib skirt is made from Amy Butler's sun spots and has an orange,yellow, green, blue plaid I attached on the edge. A tad hard to see... The lamp I had and added the Annie Selke Link fabric in pink. 

The dresser was painted in Meadow View by Benjamin Moore. The painting on the dresser was done by a sweet friend. Check out her blog. 

The curtain fabric is called Lovely. And it is so lovely. The gold fabric in the crib is Anna Marie Horner. 

I slip covered the seat of the glider. I was so proud of me! Last baby, I just tucked fabric in the seat.

The sweater was knit for Baby Sister as a gift. I hated keeping it in the drawer.

My husbands sunset painting from long ago along with my new painting.

Up close of my flower painting. I have painted another for my parents back porch.

This buffet was my great grandfathers and actually, he made it along with 2 china cabinets. My handy husband made the changing pad holder from his design. The plates are from Anthropologie in Bham.

She is just now starting to sleep in it, well, for bits at a time:)  I loved creating this room for my Darling. 

Before and After: Little Girls Room

My sister and I tackled a project last week. During my stay at their house, we decorated her 3 year old daughters room. We decorated it from the ground up. Our challenge was the wall color. We had to keep the navy accent wall but honestly, it made for a fun test of our abilities. Here is the before:

And the after!

The room came together so well! We used the rug from the boys room (Dash and Albert striped), and the quilt was made by my mom for my niece when she was born. The bed we spray painted.  I say we, ie my sister. The boxspring we covered in a green gingham sheet we already owned. The euro sham was made from a previous Pottery Barn shower curtain and the standard sham in the pink plaid we already had. The frame above the bead houses an old handkerchief I had framed for my sister one birthday.   

This yellow table I bought years ago and even when it didn't work anywhere, I wasn't ready to get rid of it. But we finally found a home for it! The curtains I had already sewn for my bedroom but only decided to put 2 up instead of 4. I wish you could see the edge of them better. I found this darling pale blue grosgrain ribbon made to look like ric rac. Clever. And I have to admit, I used that liquid stitching stuff. Awesome.

this photo was taken before the room was finished but gives you an idea of what it looks like when you enter the room

We are so pleased with our work! And my niece loves it. We rose to the challenge and passed! 

To see more from this home, click here. This is the potential master bedroom. 

New Necklaces on Etsy

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Happy Go Lucky

The Long and Skinny of It

The Long and Skinny of It

Finally! I have new necklaces up on my etsy site. Go check them out here. Enjoy!

Life or Death...with Fabric

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pillow Shams

Edge of Pillow Shams

Bed Spread

Edge of Curtain( curtain is white and red swiss dot)

Chair on fabric is chair on bedskirt
( image via House of Turquoise)

My sister and I have been working on her new house. We have worked HARD. Yes, I know its not life or death with fabric but at times, it was close. My mom and I "shopped" our fabric to see what we could use. It was fun! I looked at our fabric store here in town ( Shout out to Chrysalis!) and one in Bham. My sister and I found some yummy fabric to use on her bed however it was on order. So the jury is still out on whether or not it will work. But here is what we have so far...

She is there, I am here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I have been gone for a week moving my sister and her family into their new house in Bham. While we had fun "shopping" mine and my moms fabrics to use in my sisters new home, and enjoyed setting up their new house, I am so sad she is not in Tallahassee. I am so blessed and thankful she was here for this summer. But sad she is there and I am here.


As I was driving home yesterday ( first time by myself with two girls!) I was thinking about flying. I had a lot of time to think as one girlie slept and the other watched Max and Ruby over and over. I am always amazed at flying. I don't like to think about it while in the air because lets face it, I don't really get it! It was raining and overcast. I hate driving and flying in the rain. Its uncertain. My mom always says when we have flown together that once we get up above the clouds, it will be clear and the sun will be shining. Yes. The sun is ALWAYS shining. Even when we see clouds and the ride is filled with rain, the sun is still there. Even when life can seem gloomy and dark, HE is there. There is hope because He sees me, He knows me and He knows my heart.

Baby is waking up- got to go!

And I have lots of comments and pictures of our fabric shopping:)  I will share next week.

I am Famous: Rainbow Party

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Once again, I have uploaded something to Project Nursery. This time its our Rainbow Birthday Party. While  I am able to upload my own images to this website, I still enjoy seeing my stuff on a big name site and its out there for the whole world to see. Pretty neat! Although, my blog is out there for the whole world to see. Project Nursery may have a slightly larger fan base though. Just slightly.

Enjoy our Rainbow DIY Party. As of right now, its on the main page. And to see my post on it a a few weeks ago, visit the party here.


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