A Dream to Wear

Thursday, October 31, 2013
I love this apron. I feel a tad bad saying that because I made it, but why not? The color combo is superb and its a dream to wear. I really think it makes me get work done faster and I am more happy to do it. Perhaps?

Here is the up close of the pocket. Generous size for holding random crayons around the house or your phone, or actual things used for cooking or baking. 

The top will actually cinch to fit you. Who would have thought, but its quite difficult to wear an apron and take a decent picture of yourself. So, this one below is the same fit as the one above. 

The apron is $45. I will be putting it on my facebook site as well. Comment or message me if interested. 

Girly Girl Pillows and General Hospital

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
This pillow is so sweet and makes you think of days running back and forth between your best friends house and your house. We had secret meetings under the sweet viburnum by the bird bath, we made "houses" by raking leaves into floor plans ( why isn't one of us an architect?), and had elaborate soap opera wars going on between her Barbies and mine. I realize now I watched a lot of General Hospital as a child. Been through a lot with the Quartermaines. Sad I know their names. 

Back to the pillow...

 Each girl is hand painted and outfitted with a darling skirt that is sewn on. 

The pillow is 12"x16" and is quite soft. She is $45. Contact me at thegovernorsdaughter@gmail.com if interested. I have several others I will be showcasing on my facebook page. To see them, go here. 


Jesus in the Nursery: A Literary Holy Family

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

These colors make me want to pick up a baby, pick up a book and read in my chintz covered rocker. And the baby sits in my lap. Very domestic and  and a tad vintage. 

Speaking of domestic, I have been reading a book called The Art of Domesticity. Randomly picked it up at the library because I liked the cover. Little did I know, the content was pretty right on. My favorite part about the book is the lists the author has compiled of movies and books, oh and art,  that offer great domestic scenes. But not a dull, boring way. With children, you are at home more and so let's make it exciting and fun and certainly, pretty. 

So, I give you the nativity set I envision in my home from the 1950's. And I have an Eloise Wilkins book by my daughters crib and we have a fire going just like in Goodnight Moon. And the outside of our home is pink like The Little House. Can you see it? 


Tuesday, October 8, 2013
On Sunday, I whipped up this apron. I can't believe I started and completed one sewing project or any project for the matter, in 1 day. Gold star. 

I just realized that 3 of these fabrics are from tablecloths from birthday soirees we have had at our house. That makes me happy. The green is from one daughter ( pony party ), the red brick is from another daughter ( kitty party ) and the pink and green is from my sisters( school party.) This apron was for my mom for her birthday. I am thinking now of what mine will look like...

Beachy Jesus: What I am working on

Monday, October 7, 2013
Sorry for the lapse in posts. I have been busy being mom, artist and follower of Jesus.Oh, yeah and wife, cook and house cleaner. And gardener. Driver. All good gigs, well not the house cleaner lady. Yuck. And let's face it, my house looks like yuck too. Whatevs. Although, not yuck in a bacteria way just maybe we should employ these little people running around to pick things up? Myself included:)

These 3 have been gracing my home a lot lately. Its nice. I am going to be at a show on October 19th at the Sweet South Cottage. I will be sharing a booth with 2 other marvey painters. Come see us! We will be there from 9-4. 

And in honor of my recent beach trip, I give you beachy Jesus. 


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