It's a bird, it's a, it's a birthday!

Monday, September 10, 2012
For my husbands birthday, I took it upon myself to have a theme. Y'all know he was thrilled with a theme:) Actually, he was a good sport about it. But I digress...

Felt Masks for Attendees aka family who obligatory wore them- my mom wore hers through supper:)

a small party goer modeling her custom mask, she now uses it as a headband

Wolverine on the cake

I decided to have a Super Hero Party. We had family over and ate supper and had cake (more on that later) and enjoyed the happy decor. The most fun I had was making the masks. My daughter and I did it together which made it even more fun but we cut out shapes from felt and glued them to the masks.

I used old comic books and cut them up to hang curly things from the chandelier and made them into "placemats" as well. Balloons spruced up the place. You would think this birthday was for a 7 year old, not a 35 year old!

Now, the cake was a bust. Sad but true. It ended up being super dry. The bright side is that my daughter and I baked a Co Cola ( yeah yeah I know its Coca Cola but for THE Governor's Daughter, she called it Co Cola and it will evermore be Co Cola) Cake. Hello! I shouldn't have even wasted my time with this golden cake, as the fancy book called it. I did make it for my daughters first birthday but it was good that time. Who knows?

Happy Day!

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  1. i love parties with a theme...this is exactly something I would do (and my husband would rebel against every single bit of it...ha!!!)

    btw, I noticed vivid hue home in your "sites I love" section...THAT ROCKS! Thank you so much!!!!!



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