Revamp the Outside

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Last weekend, actually it was 2 weekends ago, I pressure washed my lower outside patio. Ok, you can't tell, but it looks so much better! We have been living in heat and mosquito infested Florida, so it was nice to go outside. And I have a new love for this back patio. The rest of my yard can seem big and unruly but I have decided to rework this whole area. To see other photos, click here.  My paintings that are seen there are also not as "new" looking. Actually, my daughter wanted to paint her rocking chairs pink so we have a whole new color scheme going on back there. Therefore, we must update it all. Like mother, like daughter:)

I am also super excited about a container garden. My last house had a super fabulous yard. Oh, I miss it. Not the house, just the yard. The previous owner fertilized that yard everyday for 30 years. Thank you! That is how I got things to grow. The current yard has lots of clay and that is sad for me. This previous owner had billions of camellias everywhere. Oh, how I love the camellia. It is such a sweet, colorful, southern flower. This describes one of my daughters too.

Here are a few of my container "pins." To see other gardening ideas, check out my pinterest garden board. 

ok not a container but thought it was pretty:)


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