11th Day of Christmas: my husband is buying a dryer

Friday, January 4, 2013

Here is our mantle for Christmas. I actually used decor from my daughter's 3rd rainbow birthday party and to see all of those festivities, click here. The nativity set was birthed out of the desire to use what I already had and I am so happy with the results. To see others, click here and here. Oh. And one more. Wowzers.

The little tree I dug up in my yard and used scraps of paper my daughter had painted on and turned them into little ornaments. Its so sweet and simple. And now looking at this picture and the mantle sitting in front of me, the mantle and the painting were both gifts from my husband, one a Christmas and one an anniversary. To give my husband more credit, he has spent numerous hours over the last few days trying to find me a new dryer because the other one broke. He sees me. He gets me. And he will have dry clothes too!


  1. I LOVE that picture over the mantel!!! Did you paint it yourself?

  2. I wish! It was done by Todd Clark through a company that no longer exists:( However, I did find it through a partner company but not for sale. Here is a link to a pin of it:



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