my life is like a staple gun

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am into my staple gun. It's a little dangerous, a little edgy but it sticks to the point and gets it done unless you buy too long of staples and it can get complicated. Maybe this is a metaphor for something else? Not quite making the connection....


I am a sleep deprived Mama and while I desire to stick to the point and get it done, that is not true of my character even when I am sleeping well. If you know me, you get this. And it seems to be worse because of lack of sleep. Like hello! There is a picture of a chair up there and I have written over a half dozen sentences not on the topic at all. 

my chair with my patio art and a mini artists' work

Sometimes, I am using staples that are too long for a job that requires less. But that is kind of the point sometimes. In the journey of stapling this new, fresh fabric on worn out chairs with a bit of patina, I learned something. I feel like the worn out chairs with a bit of patina. With the staple gun, I learned to staple here and not there and to hold the staple gun tighter in my grip. I am learning to edit and in doing so, I am really learning more about myself and becoming more of who He called me to be. And I am left with something even more beautiful than before but still being true to myself. 

The process and the product are just as important and equally beautiful. 


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