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Friday, January 18, 2013

I love Valentine's Day. Not the hot and heavy kind of Valentine's Day but the kind where you sprinkle your life with bits of red and pink (2 of my favorite color combos), sweet people and pretty doo dads. You let your close peeps know you love them and you went out of your way to do something nice for them even if it took 2 minutes. 

I know my husband will be sweating it. 

Although, he is a great gift giver. I confess. Even before we dated, he would give me very thoughtful and "me" kind of presents for birthdays and Christmas, and certainly after we were married. A tea pot, a tea box, Waterford goblets, turquoise earrings, a TV for my bedroom:), an LLC for The Governor's Daughter when I first started out, beads, a Starbucks gift card, paper to make lists, a trip to Watercolor...Ok, at some point, this list was really for me, not for y'all but y'all seem can read and enjoy:) I need to go back and read this post on days when I am annoyed. 

I digressed from my original purpose of this post. I have very fond memories of Valentine's Day. I remember my aunt picking me up from school and then taking her car to get her car worked on. We then sat outside the mechanics in the grass looking at all of my Valentine's. Was this a dream? Either way, it was a sweet dream.

My dad used to bring my sister and I roses. And I remember him bringing us roses while wearing sweet little knit outfits my mom had sewn for my sister and I. Gosh, I am my mothers daughter.

And who could forget the year my mom had a Valentine's party for me? Through tears one day after school, she discovered I was struggling with girl friendships. Funny how that doesn't stay in elementary school. We as women are so complex. Its exhausting. I am including myself here. Back to my mom, she had a party for me. I wore a striped dress. We made sentences out of candy hearts. It is a dear memory. 

So, as I am making my Valentine's plans, I am reminiscing about happy memories from the past. To see more Valentine's Day ideas, go see my board all about it here. 


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