ahh, beauty

Friday, January 11, 2013

The camellias in my yard are blooming. I love this time of year for that reason. I had a great aunt who passed away this time last year and for the reception, we used the camellias. She loved camellias. They are sweet and southern and pretty and just good. The camellias are beautiful.

 I read something recently somewhere (what a memory) about the beauty of the Lord. We are inundated with His beauty everyday. I have a nephew that can find beauty anywhere. Look at this beautiful leaf growing by this smelly dumpster. And he is right! My nephews heart is able to see beauty in unexpected places. What a gift!

Back to my reading... The Beauty of the Lord is our strength. Just as the joy of the Lord is our strength         (Nehemiah 8:10), He gives us beauty which brings me joy. It brings me respite, refreshment, strength, encouragement and on and on the list goes. For me, beauty is admiring His camellias on the window sill, enjoying a before supper swing with my daughters, and rocking my baby girl to sleep. I am surrounded by His beauty day after day. I am quick to get caught up in the mundane and craziness of life and my flesh ( the towels smell like mildew!, how do i get her to sleep more at night?, and what color should my hair be now?)  I must stop and enjoy His Beauty. And what a beautiful day it has been here in our neighborhood. 


  1. i can't believe those flowers are blooming in your area! we've still got snow covered on the ground here in CT...though it's 50 degrees here today and I'm hoping much of it melts away! I'm a warm weathered girl! great post

    1. yes, it has been so warm here! We live in North Florida and we have shorts on today. I like the warmth but worried that it won't give cold enough to kill all of the mosquitoes. I had to put bug spray on yesterday:( Thanks for the compliment on this post. I have been admiring your table setting from your Napa party. Oh, how pretty. It looks magical!



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