"All the Colors" Birthday

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
My baby recently just turned 3. I have a new baby, a 3 week old at the time, so planning a birthday party seemed overwhelming. With that in mind, I decided to have a family birthday party. I have come to learn things about myself as time goes on and one of those is that I do the same amount of work for 5 people coming to my house as I would 50, just less food! But I do love to decorate for a party so I got into it. I was cutting out felt circles when my new baby was one week old. On to the party...

We had a rainbow/ "all the colors" birthday party. My daughter is into art and painting and we love color in this house. I lined my dining room table with white banner paper and used glittery foam in 8 1/2 x 11 size for the placemats. I spray painted small trophies I found at Hobby Lobby and filled them with crayons for drawing at supper. I also used some yellow cut glasses I have as well to hold crayons. I cut out circles from cardstock and lined the table in the Roy G Biv style ( red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.) The flowers are from my yard.

A shot of my table with the decorated chandelier, cake in the background, and felt circle garlands in the doorway.

My mini table for 2. I used the trophies, circle cut outs and small plastic animals painted in different colors. 

My chandelier was decorated with Martha Stewart color swatches. My daughter added the paint brushes. We tied the paint swatches with polka dot grosgrain ribbon.

The doorway( there are 2) had felt circles glued to blue and pink grosgrain ribbon. Behind the garlands, I hung paper lanterns in the kitchen and living room. 

The cake! My daughter and I made a fudge cake together. It was really fun and a special time I will always remember. I used zinnias to line the outside of the cake and used Fresh Market M and M's to make a C on the cake. ( Her name starts with a C.) My dad thought it was actually a rainbow and kept turning it. Duh, I never thought about that until he showed me. 

The birthday girl admiring her cake. 

The birthday girl blowing out the candles!


  1. that is adorable Holly ! How did you find time ? And that Camille is so cute!!!!!

  2. wOW! so many creative birthday ideas! I LOVE the idea of surrounding the cake with zinneas and adding M&M's in the initial of the birthday girl (so easy but looks fabulous!!!) And all of the other details are wonderful! The chandelier paint chips, the grosgrain details, the dots! Great! I found your blog from pinterest and I'm your newest follower!!!!

    1. Glad you found me Heather! I found your blog through House of Turquoise and I have been enjoying reading it and looking at pictures. I love pattern and color so its refreshing to see someone else use it as well. Thanks for following my blog:)



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