She is there, I am here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

I have been gone for a week moving my sister and her family into their new house in Bham. While we had fun "shopping" mine and my moms fabrics to use in my sisters new home, and enjoyed setting up their new house, I am so sad she is not in Tallahassee. I am so blessed and thankful she was here for this summer. But sad she is there and I am here.


As I was driving home yesterday ( first time by myself with two girls!) I was thinking about flying. I had a lot of time to think as one girlie slept and the other watched Max and Ruby over and over. I am always amazed at flying. I don't like to think about it while in the air because lets face it, I don't really get it! It was raining and overcast. I hate driving and flying in the rain. Its uncertain. My mom always says when we have flown together that once we get up above the clouds, it will be clear and the sun will be shining. Yes. The sun is ALWAYS shining. Even when we see clouds and the ride is filled with rain, the sun is still there. Even when life can seem gloomy and dark, HE is there. There is hope because He sees me, He knows me and He knows my heart.

Baby is waking up- got to go!

And I have lots of comments and pictures of our fabric shopping:)  I will share next week.


  1. I find this very inspirational!

  2. you really have a gift for this!



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