a project in waiting: white quilts

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
I was watching tv the other night/day ( who can remember anymore?) and I like to feel like I am getting something accomplished while watching. I don't know why. Although, a good old fashioned couch potato session can be super nice, with a side of my strawberry crumble dessert. 

Anyways, I cut these bricks out of fabrics I have from other projects. Maybe a table runner? Maybe a baby blanket? I can't decide.

 On the note of playing with fabric and laying them out in different patterns, one should really read The Gentle Art of Domesticity. Helps give words to what I do and want to do everyday at home. And just realized I have written about it before but called it by the wrong name. Whatevs. Still a fantastic book. The author talks about laying out fabrics, candy, cupcakes, etc in fun patterns. Patteries. Thats we call them around here.

Back to my fabric at the top...
I like the idea of them bordered in white. White- yikes! It just seems like its yelling out for mustard, coffee and little orange fingers. 

Yeah, but you can bleach them, put them back on a little wet and in no time flat.
I don't buy it. 
( FYI, I have been looking at a lot of sofas lately with my mom. White sofa and 5 grandchildren? Makes me have sweaty palms just thinking about it.)

But I might just go for it. Not the sofa. The white on a quilt. 

Aren't these nice?

Who knew I would ever like white? It sets off the other colors nicely. I will keep you updated. Got to wait until another Castle comes on.
No, really. 


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