Our Creator and Camellias: makes life worth living

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Such a pretty day here today. I love living on a pond. The view is spectacular. I never knew I wanted to live on a pond until I lived here, and now, I am so thankful that the Lord knew what I desired even when I did not know myself.

Some of my first art class drawings were of camellias. At the time, I think I was in early elementary school, I wasn't sure what a camellia was. I remember being intrigued by the light, the shadows the petals made on each other and the layering of the petals. I am still intrigued by it. 

And in our yard, we have the most amazing camellias. I am thankful for the husband and wife who lived here before us and grew their family here. He was a gardener and she was an artist. 

 And now the Lord is growing my family here. He weaves together different pieces and precious parts to intertwine and make my story. His light dances off different petals to create a beautiful and moving piece of art. 
 A piece of art that has depth. It has been nurtured, grown and supported by Him. 

And He is making you beautiful too. Step into His throne room and be watered, pruned and enjoyed by Our Maker to become the one who He made you to be. Makes life worth living. 


  1. Absolutely lovely Holly. I am reading Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge, and it resonates with your wonderful words. Every day God leaves us treasures all wrapped up and when we are in His presence we see them and unwrap them and marvel at His glory!!!

    1. funny you are reading that book right now! i read it several years ago and really liked it. i just finished becoming myself by staci and now reading the utter relief of holiness by john. great, great books! thanks for your comment- glad to know someone is reading although this blog is helpful to see, for me, what i have been working on and what the Lord is showing me.



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