valentine's day

Monday, February 17, 2014
I know this is after the fact but one of the reasons I have this blog is to remind myself of things I have made and created to celebrate special days around my house. And we had a special valentine's day here. We had our cousins and another family over to decorate cupcakes. It was easy and delightful. 

My daughter and I pieced together this heart garland. I simply cut hearts from felt and she handed them to me as I sewed them together. It stood out so well against the white, and was a nice pop of happy pink and red.

Have I talked about this runner? I can't remember. The top was finished for the soiree but I still haven't finished the back. That's the boring part so therefore, I haven't sewn it yet. I already have plans for my next runner. It was nice because cupcakes and icing didn't get on it from the kids but it provides some pizazz. Plus, I can still sew something for the table. I could have used boring old brown paper but that is certainly not as fun for me.

I must admit, I made the cupcakes from a box. Gasp. I can't believe I was okay with it but they were good. Plus, one of my nephews is gluten free and I found the box to be easier. I will say, and I was shocked, the gluten free chocolate cupcake was better then the red velvet normal ones. 

Hope your valentines was stress free and enjoyable!


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