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Thursday, February 27, 2014
I realize there are several things that I did not "catalog" from Thanksgiving. These are ideas that came to fruition and that does not always happen around here. So hooray for a project dreamed up, executed and it held together!

First off, we made these cute notebooks for Thanksgiving. We called them our thankful books. 

I bought small note books that were very inexpensive from Hobby Lobby that had blank white pages on the inside. I cut out fabric pieces in the shape of turkey feathers, as well as a body and gobbler. Its not called a gobbler. Its called a...?

The kids got to pick whatever 6 feathers out and I helped glue everything on. They then wrote "thankful" on a small piece of cardstock and glued it on. 

I thought that they turned out really well and each child could master it. I had 4 to 9 years old aged children and they all loved making them. 

The best part was the inside. The kids drew pictures of things they were thankful for. This girly was thankful for rainbows:) Yes, this project makes my heart happy.

And for the second project, we decorated our house for Thanksgiving with old works of art. My daughter and I cut out feather shapes from old drawings. ( Yes, it hurt a little but also I was proud of me for 
recycling!) We then did a quick wash with watered down paint over the feathers. After they dried, we sewed them together into this garland. 

Happy way late Thanksgiving!


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