Girly Girl Pillows and General Hospital

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
This pillow is so sweet and makes you think of days running back and forth between your best friends house and your house. We had secret meetings under the sweet viburnum by the bird bath, we made "houses" by raking leaves into floor plans ( why isn't one of us an architect?), and had elaborate soap opera wars going on between her Barbies and mine. I realize now I watched a lot of General Hospital as a child. Been through a lot with the Quartermaines. Sad I know their names. 

Back to the pillow...

 Each girl is hand painted and outfitted with a darling skirt that is sewn on. 

The pillow is 12"x16" and is quite soft. She is $45. Contact me at if interested. I have several others I will be showcasing on my facebook page. To see them, go here. 


1 comment:

  1. I loved the Quartermaine reference. That family left quite a legacy for the Wilgus girls....kind of like the Bush family, and those random people at the Hemlock that I was obsessed with one summer. So, so sad that I just threw the Bush's under the bus like that, I really do love those people.



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