Say What? Birthday: Charlotte Mason Birthday Party

Monday, September 9, 2013
Fall is birthday time around here. I also thought summer was too but apparently when your family grows, there is more birthdays. Duh. 

For my sisters birthday party, we had a Charlotte Mason themed birthday party. Weird but hold on. My sister is an educator and loves the Charlotte Mason approach to schooling. You can read all about it here. Its kind of addicting to read about it, well, that has been my experience. 

Our cake was covered in coconut with a few blueberries and honeydew on top for a delightful surprise. My cake plate is a white hobnail vintage one. Love it.  

I am sad the above photo is blurry but what are you going to do? I cut up old books ( they weren't any good be assured of that ) and sewed a banner together. It was over my mirror on my buffet as well as the table. I then cut out letters in card stock and taped to the banner to spell Happy Birthday. 

My table was covered in a Heather Bailey fabric called Nicey Jane. I collected books from around my house and stacked up on the table. Childrens literature is key to the Charlotte Mason and living books as well. Confused about it? Read about it above. I also put bugs in jars and that was our dinner entertainment:) I found a frog and a pregnant wolf spider but was worried they might get out. 
Let that sink in. A pregnant wolf spider. 

My mirror over my buffet strewn with the book pages banner and pink pom poms and ribbon. I did like this decor. The pale pink was really great against the black with the old book pages and print mixed in.  

So, Happy Birthday Sister! 


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