Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well, Happy Birthday to me a couple of weeks ago. I am slowing down in my old age so it took me awhile to post this:) Or maybe its the fact I am a stay at home mama with 2 little ones...

On a side note, I am pretty excited because I finally got some laundry put away while my two littles played on my bed. Simple and happy. 

For my birthday, my parents fixed us supper. My mom did her table all up. Isn't it lovely? Wonder where I get it from...

The contrast of the brown with the yellow is so pleasant and the decor on the chandelier is a nice added bonus. I especially liked the use of the crops. I don't know why I used the word crops. Well, certainly, they were someones crops and we are enjoying the fruits( literally!) of their labor.

I also got a kick out of this. Thank you Dad for using the sign from last year.

I had such a nice birthday and I am so thankful for such great friends and family. The Lord has blessed my greatly in my 31 years. Yay!


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