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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My fabric stash is getting kind of low...oh no!

Just like some plan to have their refrigerator stocked, I like to have my fabric drawer stocked.

You never know when an idea might strike, or a little takes a longer nap or you NEED to make some throw pillows for your sofa.

Every year, I want to do an all handmade Christmas. Now, if I start in August, it just might get completed! But that ain't gonna happen, I know me:)  Just as less is more, the same is true about handmade items. I tend to want to do too much and make everything I see, but then they all get lost in everything. However, I am going back through my ideas of what to sew and make, and pulling out the ones I think will really be appreciated and ones that look enjoyable to sew.

SO with that in mind, I am looking, buying and adding to my prized fabric drawer.

And to see some of these in person, go to Chyrsalis or visit Hawthorne Threads online.

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  1. Ok, Holly..... now I know you are an addict! to fabric! just like me!!!!



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