DIY Princess Dress: I costumed it!

Monday, November 5, 2012

For Halloween, my daughter wanted to be a princess. Well, of course! We visited my sister for Halloween and since Halloween was on a Wednesday, we went to her church that night and they had the kids dress up as saints. I liked the idea. I did some research and came upon St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She was a saint, check, and she was a princess, check. We did our artistic interpretation of what we thought she might wear.

I had pinned a cute dress awhile ago I wanted to make. I "costumed" it. Yes, I like that term. I used an old
t-shirt for the top and found super shiny fabric for the bottom. Here is the original tutorial.

Now, I am thinking about making another one, less costumey.

*I might want to take a little tutorial on photo editing:)


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