Never liked the science fair

Monday, October 8, 2012
Ugh, The science fair. The term makes my stomach do a little flip. I can't even remember what I did...Actually, I think I did the token laundering a sock using different detergents. Its called Consumer Reports, people. No need to figure out which one works, call your dad, get him to look it up, and bam! Its ______( fill in the blank with whatever laundry soap works the best because lets face it, its a lot about opinion.) But I digress...
sweet potato vine!

 I am doing my own experiment. My yard is being over taken by Sweet Potato Vine. Love the stuff. Its easy and it looks great and covers up weeds. I started pulling some out the other day and while it hurt to get rid of a growing plant, I decided to repurpose it, so to speak. I have so much of it in my yard because I keep seeing other places where it might work and its taking over somewhere else, so I just keep putting more and more in my yard. If you are local and need some, please let me know. Seriously.

sweet potato vine, roadside

So while laying it out by the street the other day to let someone pick up or the trash people haul it away, I decided to throw some above the ditch. Its weed city and lots of poison ivy. I am going to let it take over there and while I did not dig holes, I am hoping some of it will "catch." It has certainly worked in other parts of the yard. Now grow!

Here is to clean white socks!


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