A Cornucopia for The Avengers

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
perfect! they even  made one for me! via BHG.com

Pumpkins all lined up via Southern Living

sad its a little pic but love the velvet aubergine via  Better Homes and Gardens

I am working on the autumn decor at my house. I always want to have every pumpkin, gourd, squash within a 100 mile radius on my front porch. And I adore the richness of the colors of fall...pumpkin orange, cream, aubergine, plum, brown, taupe, mustard, rust.  I am not into the Halloween theme but more of the harvest look but not a cornucopia on my front porch or anything. No offense to the cornucopia lovers out there. So, I "pinned" for about 2 hours last night ( sorry folks, its what go me through The Avengers, however, it was very funny in parts)  and I have a new board called Autumn. Go check it out! I also picked up some felt. On a side note,  felt is my new decor supply of choice. We shall see what I come up with. More to come!


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