Before and After: A Face recently "lifted"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Hello. I talked about this DIY the other day but I didn't put up Before and After photos. Oh, the horror! Everyone loves a good before and after photo whether its a bedroom makeover, Stacey and Clinton redoing the frumpy Mom or a face recently "lifted." So, here are my before and afters of my home ( without paint and with.)


orange brick( the day girlie #1 came home)

door had been painted but this was just the beginning!

view from the bridge across the street at dusk

doing sparklers with Girlie #1
the day Girlie #2 came home

pond across the street


  1. I love the change. Great color choices.

  2. Oh, it looks lovely! And the view of the pond! Sigh! It makes me relax just looking at the picture. So glad you shared it!


  3. Wow! You have such an eye for curb appeal! Love your changes!

  4. What a nice update! It is always amazing what a difference paint can make. Thank you for joining the party!



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