Straight Talk with Pinterest: S'mores

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
S'mores made with chocolate chips and golden graham cereal

I am not one to pin food. I think because when I got into the pinterest thing, I wasn't feeling so hot because I was early pregnant with my now 7 week old. So some of the food photos were great while others, not so much. You feel me? But this is one of the few I have pinned and I felt the need to give a review. It was super easy and my 3 year old and I made it together. You have to act quickly! The marshmallows begin to harden again if you don't mix it all together and put in the pan fast enough. This is one of those things that is better the next day. It was a nice treat. For the price and time spent on it, I say good!, and I would make again.  To see the recipe, click here.
*Thank you to Country Cleaver for this recipe. Since writing this post, I have now found other recipes I want to make and decided I need a donut pan!

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