Ladies Luncheon

Monday, July 30, 2012

I had a delightful lunch last Monday. A sweet friend of my familys and a dear friend of my late grandmother, THE Governor's daughter, hosted a wonderful ladies luncheon. I wish I had taken pictures while I was there but I am going to do my best to recreate it.

For starters, there was such a great view from where we ate our lunch. Her yard is heavenly and so inviting. There were birds picking at bird seed, squirrels chasing one another, flowers blooming in the sun, green grass standing tall ( but not too tall, she had just mowed!), hummingbirds feasting on pentas, and so much wildlife to look at and enjoy and marvel at Gods creation.

And, oh the food! We dined on chicken salad, the ultimate ladies luncheon food. It was delightful. It was superb but my favorite was the lemon mousse. I could eat it right now. It had raspberries on top and it was served in purple china. Why didn't I take a photo?

Lemon Mousse: Click to find out recipe

It was a special time with special family and special friends. At one point during the lunch, our hostess talked about trying to live up to the idea of loving thy neighbor well. Over the years, this woman has been such a sweet friend to our family and so very thoughtful. She brought me a broom when I moved into our new house, she brought my sister a Pink Perfection Camellia when her daughter was born, gave my daughter a beautifully illustrated book about Jesus for Easter, visited me at necklace shows and the list goes on and on. Our hostess is the embodiment of Love Thy Neighbor. Thank you Charlotte!

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