Guitar Party

Saturday, December 31, 2016
I found these pictures from a birthday I had for my nephew a year and some ago. Funny how 
we (being me) spend so much time planning a theme for a party and I barely remembered this. Life with littles!

Although, looking at the pictures made me smile. I suppose a sign of a successful party is when you can look at the pictures and remember it fondly.

 Actually, who cares about the party? Just give me a reason to decorate please and spend hours making homemade doo dads!

My nephew was just beginning guitar lessons and was really into it. I thought that the guitar theme seemed like a happy one and doable.

I cut out guitar shapes from cardboard and then attached boy looking fabric to the back. The table cloth ( yes, that wee little bit of fabric on the table because it can be expensive to buy a table cloth every party) packed a lot of punch.

My camellias were in bloom and looked so nice against the black and white chevron.

I hung more guitars from the ceiling but these were cut from brown craft paper. I do love a good cut out from cardboard but it ain't easy. So, I think I only did a couple.

I don't remember what we had for food but I do think I made a Lincoln Log Cake which is delish but it was quite a mess trying to roll it up. We also played guitar music to round out the theme.

( And yay for me, showing you the mess in my kitchen. This is actually somewhat clean! )

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