Baby Girl Nursery #3

Monday, December 5, 2016
My baby girl just turned 2!! Ahh, too quick. Here is her room I created for her back before she was born. Was that yesterday?

It's such a happy and delightful room. I often find other sisters playing in there or cousins who go to escape the "cheerful" screams.

I am so grateful to old friends and new who created pieces of art that are in my girls room. I am so blessed by others talents. It truly is special to receive a gift that has been handmade. I love every piece seen here.

My mom created this darling quilt for our gal. I love the colors. 

One of the beauty's of this room is the repurposing I did. The rug and rocker were the same from another room along with the curtains. I worked my new colors and fabrics around what I already owned. I created new cake paintings as well as a crib skirt. At the time when I painted the cakes, I was very pregnant and borderline diabetic. I missed my sweets! So I painted them instead.

I am not usually into gray but it is a nice moment in the room. The bumper and the crib skirt fabric carry the gray. The gray is a place to rest your eyes amidst all the pink. 

I especially like the armoire painted the same color as the walls. I have never done that one before but will do it in the future. I like to knit but there are rare opportunities to sport anything you knit in the north Florida weather. I knitted ( knit?) a small wool gray thingy to go over the back of the rocker. Its basically a doll size blanket but I wanted a little dollop of color there. 

This room was my oldest daughters before we turned it into my youngest daughters nursery. This room has worn many different hats. The dresser was here previously but I kept it in here and added the changing pad and box that all of them used that my husband made. The box is such a nice and functional piece. It has been painted twice with different shades of green. The bookcase I had high hopes for but this is the third child so that was the end of the story on making the bookcase look nice.

Oh! And she actually sleeps in here. The number one reason we have the room. 
She has been a terrible sleeper. I suppose the decor of the room didn't help with the sleeping but certainly helped Mama when I spent hours rocking her in it. I could have rocked myself up the eastern seaboard for the amount of rocking we did. But hallelujah, she is a much better sleeper now! 

However, as I type this, she will get up 49 times tonight...


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