Bird Feather Party

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
When my gal turned 6, she was into birds. She still is, it was a year ago. I find it helpful and oddly encouraging to see what I did for each girls birthday. Like- oh look, you did get dressed that day and bought her a present. And used to have time to make things that no one else cares about but me. 

As a girl in my Bible Study said last year ( we were studying Revelation)- " Forget the scrapbooks!!! We have more important things to worry about." Amen.
But back to me-

I made her a sash for her birthday. Its a tad busy but I do love my patterns. 

We had a get together with a few friends at a pottery place and then walked to a French Patisserie. It was so delightful.

But I couldn't make it that easy so we had a family birthday and she wanted the theme to be bird feathers. 

I cut out bird feathers from construction paper and sewed them together to create this small garland for our mantle. 

The table had craft store feathers, candles and small glittery birds along the middle. The chandelier had ric rac and ribbons. 

I created a large garland for the living room. 

This is a bird from the table. I added a little pizzazz by creating a party hat for the bird and attaching him to a glittery stand. I wanted him to be appropriately dressed for the party:) You can always take clothes off if you are overdressed but not add clothes ( because you left them at home.)

And a feather boa that I spent months picking up the feathers on the floor. 

Ta Da!


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