Tuesday, August 23, 2016
It has been yey-years( thats years in my familys southern accent ) since I have posted! Or maybe, just one year. 

I have been busy with little people and life. While my hands are busy stirring, holding, or picking up, my mind is free. Well, unless there is a little lady screaming or a pair or trio of them fighting. 


I have found that in this season of the last year of my life in child raising, The Lord is working on my heart and mind. I can't always pick up something to work with creatively, but I can work with words and thoughts about Our Great God. And what a powerful experience that has been. I was loathing not having the time to sew, paint, redo something, but I see now how He has been using this time to build me up. To stir a part of my character that needed stirring. 
He stirred, He didn't shake. He is gentle like that.

I love those unexpected gifts from above, small or large, tangible and intangible. 


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