Purple Party

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

For my daughters birthday this year, we had a purple party. Purple is her favorite color so we colored everything in purple. It was a fun theme. We asked all the guests to dress in purple. Thankful for sweet people who got into it!

I made decorations from construction paper ( ala Planting a Rainbow by Lois Elhert ) to hang in the cased openings. I painted and cut out and then sewed the flowers together. 

We kept it simple with chocolate cupcakes and icing with purple sprinkles. I had a friend say-
" you can always count on a homemade cake here."

Blessed words.

I want to be humble but for all of the late nights saying choice words at my baked goods, I needed to include this quote. 

I sewed purple fabric into a happy garland that I put around this mirror and on my mantle. 

We made a purple paper chain for the chandelier and put purple fabric on the table. 

And pretty flowers from our yard. 

It was a happy purple party and I highly recommend going with one color for a birthday theme. Purple is the color of royalty and my gal is a daughter of the King. So very thankful for her. 


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