Thanksgiving Table

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
I am hosting Thanksgiving this year. No pressure. Actually, I could care less about the food but more about how the table is set. Its really all about the fabric, right? This will be the first Thanksgiving at our house.

I did Christmas one year and a certain, dear loved one was not a fan of my standing rib roast. I will admit the apple something dressing was a tad strange. 

I just got my new plates in the mail today. I was down some from my original set of plates I got when I got married. So, I introduce my new plates. 

I know, I know. A tad bland for me. However, I am excited about colorful glasses, which I have found are hard to find. And I am excited about colorful napkins and linens. Again, its all about the fabric. 

My vision for my table, included the napkin and plates above, involves a turquoise cake plate, 

a few small leftover pumpkins, and 

perhaps these if I can get them in time. I am trying to delay, that way I won't buy them.

We might be eating strange food for Thanksgiving but at least my table will be amazing:)


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