Deals and Steals for my Rainbow Christmas

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
Every year at Christmas, I pick new colors or a theme for my tree and home. Well, I intend to but then the reality sets in that I love all colors so I do a different twist on the rainbow Christmas. Love it. This year, I have a few things in mind. To start with, I got these colorful ornaments ( going to add to my pink ones ) and hooray, they are on sale right now at Target. And there are lots of little me's in the picture. :)

The yellow balls is what did it. Its sort of a sharp citron. That lead me to my next thought about using lemons around my mantle and house.

And on of my favorite deals, ahh, love this one, are these candles. These are Chanukah candles and since its almost over, these babies were 70% off! 

They could be used for a birthday cake and a certain Someone's birthday is coming up. Yes, we will use them for Jesus' birthday cake.  This was my vision or perhaps cupcakes. I think He will get a kick out of us using them and delighted. 

I will keep my fire extinguisher handy. Seems like lots of things catch fire around here at family soirees. A mantle one Christmas and the yard while lighting a birthday flan, to name a few.

And I will use a few of my nativities around. 

Happy decorating! 


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