Baby Blanket for Generations of Women

Friday, August 30, 2013
I recently finished a pretty blanket for a darling little baby girl. 

I wanted to use purple. I am working on changing the world one woman at a time and reinventing the royal, regal color of purple. Small doses is key. Check out my pinterest board on all things purple, plum, aubergine, lavendar, lilac and everything in between. 

I came upon doing it in purple because the mama of Baby Girl is a fan of purple. Or rather she is embracing the purple once again from her childhood. I added a dash of the chevroney green for grandmother of Baby Girl. The baby's grandmother is a fan of bright, limey green ( ok, this is not exact ) but I liked the idea of tying the generations of women together. Their stories and lives are woven together, just like a quilt and the fibers that make up its being. 

This is the quilt almost wrapped. What a fun surprise that awaits Baby Girl!

Go on and get cozy this weekend!


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