Art School: Butterflies with Oil Pastels

Friday, August 16, 2013
I recently taught art at my churchs' fine arts camp. Oh, it was fun. A bit of a whirlwind carting my children from one place to the other so that I could go and teach, but it was well worth it. 

We studied the color wheel and created butterflies using oil pastels with warm and cool colors. 

 We had a couple of moments ( myself included) where we had to stop and go back and look at our color wheel to make sure we were using the correct warm or cool color.  That yellow-green will get you.

I was impressed with how creative these kids were with color, pattern and design. We decided to add designs to the background, if they wanted to. 

This little boy wanted to add the butterfly's tongue. Smart kid. 

The art class was for rising 2nd and 3rd graders. 

I showed them how to draw a butterfly. We first folded the paper hamburger style, and then hotdog style.

Then, we traced the lines with a pencil. I gave them directions on how to draw a butterfly. A hotdog in the middle, then 4 balloons off of the hotdog. We went over the drawing in a sharpie. And then colored in with oil pastels.

I will show our next project in my next post. My daughter and I tested out all of the art projects, so we have been very "arty" around here lately. My dining room table is filled with art supplies, some used, some not. I love it!

Happy Friday- hope you have a creative weekend!


  1. I have always adored children's art and these are beautiful! I would frame everyone and make a big grouping if I could! Glad to find you and your cute blog! Happy Saturday!

    1. thank you Linda. My hope is that the kids went home and framed their work or put it up in their room. I know I did with mine:) I am posting another project we worked on during this camp today. It was so much fun. Glad you found me!



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