your aunts fanny and long and skinny necklaces

Monday, June 10, 2013
For our sweet and special teachers, I  ( and my daughter helped pick out the colors) made Long and Skinny necklaces for them. 

The bottom pic is blurry but you get the idea. On that note, I have had more conversations with friends lately about cameras and digital photos. While I appreciate the ability to see my photo instantly and can print it whenever I want, I have too many pics! And now that everyone is an expert photographer, it feels unacceptable to have blurry or dark photos because there is a tutorial everywhere out there in cyber world telling me how to do it properly. I get it. I want to see clean and crisp photos and when the light is just right.

However, I am not a photographer. Kudos to those who are. My giftings lie elsewhere.It would be nice if I was one. And to be honest, there is something refreshing about blurry photos, your aunts fanny front and center and fingers over the lens. Its home grown. I am not perfect so why would anything else be? Too much fuss- enjoy the beauty as the Lord freely gives it.  


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