thank you for my blister: a reminder of Easter

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have been working in my yard lately and enjoying the beautiful weather. The above cross my mom and I flowered in her back yard on Easter. And while Easter Sunday is over, I want to remember what the Lord did for me and the work He is doing in my heart.

But as I worked in the yard one day during Holy Week, the mosquitoes were swarming and the sun was on my back. My hands were slowly feeling the effects of a blister and the black dirt seemed to be showing up more and more on my face and body. 

I was reminded of the hardwood of the cross. I got this amazing devotional during Lent through Christians in the Visual Arts ( ) The piece of art showed the men nailing Jesus to the cross and these were some of the words. 

Can you hear it? Can you hear the hammer hitting the nail that is driving into Christs' flesh? The nail is separating bone and sinew and yes, its graphic. You want to turn away, but look. Look what our Lord did for us. 

artist Unknown, Jesus Nailed to the Cross

And back to my blister. It is so small in comparison. It's like a paper cut or a cold sore or burning your tongue on hot tea. Ugh. Something I am going to have to deal with for a week or so. 

I think about the cost of working in the yard without gloves. Vulnerable. Christ was vulnerable and paid it all for me. I read about the crucifixion but I quickly forget the physical brutality of it all. A blister is here to remind me. 

Thank you for my blister Lord.  


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