A rose for today

Thursday, April 25, 2013
We have had a busy couple of weeks and while I would like to create everyday, some days, its not possible. Although, I do "create" supper everynight ( ideally ), some tend to be more in the artistic side and less on the edible side. 
Such is life as a starving artist but emphasis on the starving because its a weird meal. 

The point though of this post was to show off my roses. I wish you could smell it. It is a sweet smelling rose, like a delightful perfume of fruity and sweet goodness but not heavy. It is satisfying. My husband and I are going back and forth about the type- I think it is a Louis Philippe. It certainly is fun to say and brings a little France to my yard.

I also found this blog, A Rose is a Rose, about roses and its quite interesting if you are a lover of roses. Fascinating! Her yard is sublime. She says this about my louis philippe rose( its a type of moss rose):

"Moss" refers to prickly growth on the canes and on the buds, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, and often  containing volatile oils that are released when the buds are touched, leaving a pleasant peppery fragrance on the fingertips.

Hope your day is full of sweetness, like my louis phillipe rose. 


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