What the queen wore

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Ugh. My bed and the curtains and the window has never been quite right. 

Yes, there are bigger things to worry about ( actually, shouldn't worry at all ) but maybe because there are bigger things, it seems like the fitting time to deal with my bed. Ain't that the truth. 

Here she is:

She is a queen but she looks wee in the above photo. The blinds are always down. I put them up and cleaned up the room to make you think its always this way. 

I am a lover of fabric, color and pattern. And let's face it, I think I need more in this room. I don't know what I need really. I am thinking of a fabric headboard. Its crazy to me that this girl has never attempted it. I have also been thinking of roman shades. I would like to cover the window. My mother would be horrified. Cover the natural light? Yes, I die a small death too. But my neighbors can see you walk out of the water closet      ( seems fitting since we are talking about the queen ) and that just seems awkward. I have been looking at this fabric.
Ehh. What's with the blurry? You get the idea though.

I am just not sure how to accessorize my queen.

And speaking of the queen, isn't this fascinating? I like the floral:)


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