A DIY boxwood wreath: I'm so proud of me!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Welcome to my fantastic boxwood wreath! I am so pleased with the way that it turned out. Now, I did have my doubts but in the end, it turned out better than I thought. It was touch and go for awhile there, in which case the lovely (I said that as I gritted my teeth) wreath had to be laid aside because it wasn't working out like I had planned. But yes, it exceeded my expectations and I am so glad that it did. This wreath is more "me" in the end. 

Now, I suppose I should have taken photos in the step by step process but that didn't happen. It's called I am a Mama who is too busy to stop and take pictures because I have T minus 2 minutes until supper burns and the washing machine walks away and the baby gets stuck under the couch.

Or as my husband puts it, I am very busy, by my choice, because I am busy with leaves. It does put things into perspective... clean clothes or a pretty wreath? 

Pretty Wreath!

I used boxwood, a foam wreath, spray paint and a ribbon. I stuck the boxwood around and around and around the wreath. I used a lime green spray to cover the white of the foam and dust the leaves. It was sort of like hairspray. And then used the ribbon and tacked it to the top of the window. Viola! ( Yes, Viola.)


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