Look-Back? A tutorial on emphasis and colors that sing.

Monday, December 3, 2012
Look-Back?  Is that a term? And put the emphasis on the look. Go ahead and say it. It really changes the term when you change the emphasis to another. My husband seems to put the emphasis of double names on the first name. My mom and my niece are double named southern gals. I thought he was calling them by some other name. No, its all about the emphasis.

Yes, but I think there needs to be some commas or pauses there( in reference to the look-back term.)  I don't know. Too many stores, too little time and now I am tired from this mornings adventures.

But this is pretty.

The colors of the flowers with those gray dresses really pops.  And the necklace sings. Wonder where she got it?:)

To see more bridal looks, go see my bridal page ( its the wedding of the girl with the necklace on...thank you Marion!)

HAPPY Monday. 
happy MONDAY! 

I am going to go with the latter one for me today. happy MONDAY.


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