Husband: No decor for me birthday party

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
I realized last week that I do installation art every 2 weeks or whatever is in between birthdays. I have another one in T minus 15 days. I better get to pinning. But for my last party...

My husband wanted little decor for his birthday because he didn't want me to stress. It was kind however, I like to decorate. Excessively though sometimes:)

 So, I turned my decor energy into baking a 4 layer cake. I created a Pioneer Woman strawberry chocolate layer cake. Hello, work. But so good. 

So, so good. It took 3 people to cut it and while we were enjoying the cake, some of it toppled over on the counter. We then turned it into a trifle. Still unbelievably good. I can see why many reviews of the cake said they had trouble with it staying put. I skewered it with lots and lots of skewers but it still had a life of its own...

I lined the table with white paper and put out pots that were planted with succulents. 

My husband can now plant these outside in his latest yard design. We all win!

It was simple decor and a fabulous cake for my main man. 


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