Shower Curtain Redo

Friday, March 11, 2011

I adore my bathroom. It might be one of my favorite rooms in my house. When we gutted the master bath, we decided to create an arch over the tub and shower. I wanted my shower curtain to highlight this architectural feature and now I feel like it finally does! I like to think my bathroom is fresh from California. It reminds me of my trip with my husband to California for our anniversary a few years ago. The food was great, the weather was fantastic and we had a really nice time. My bathroom reminds me of our getaway!


  1. I love this!! It looks amazing. Was just a normal roll of fabric wide enough, or did you have to sew to get the right width? Great work!

    1. Elizabeth- The brown fabric is 54" wide and was from my local fabric store. The coral was an indoor/outdoor from Joann's. I originally bought it for the curtain in the bathroom but then wanted more and they didn't have quite enough so I ended up railroading it. It has a small diamond texture to it but I don't think anyone has ever noticed that the window curtain and shower curtain are 2 different directions. I cut the brown pieces at 12"ish ( I can't remember) and the coral at the same. I then sewed them into a stripe. For the top, which you can't see because of the arch, I put button holes in it and then used normal shower curtain hooks to hang it. This way, the curtain can open wide enough and stay back. And I hemed the bottoms and sides, and I made 2 curtains, separately. I had thought about doing a fold over but it would not have stayed open. Hope this helps. Thanks for the compliment- talking about it makes me want to make another one! I will put it on my to do list along with 43 other sewing projects I have going on:)
      Oh, you could also put hooks next to your shower curtain to hold the curtains back when you want it open- I suppose that would work for fuller fabric or even doing the tab at the top.

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