Biggest Girl Birthday

Thursday, August 7, 2014
We had our biggest girls birthday a few weeks ago. We decided on a flamingo theme. Happy party, happy hearts. 

It was a chocolate cake that was amozing, yes, amozing. I have made it since. It was a 4 layer chocolate cake with our own pink icing.  We found the flamingo little sticks somewhere but my daughter helped decorate the cake. I like how a flock of flamingos set themselves up right there on our cake. 

I used green fabric on super sale, thank you Chrysalis, for our table cloths. My daughters and I cut out scrap fabrics of pinks and corals and created the garland overhead. I love making those, not only for my sake but little hands and hearts can help too. 

My aunt was here and her birthday is a couple days from my daughters so we celebrated them together. This was a peach crystal. We named it that. Its a twist on my strawberry crumble.  Its an embarrassment as to how many times I have made this dessert. Ahh, delightful. The candles also melted into the peach crystal because it was so hot. We were eager!

The flowers were just.... there are no words. I am so thankful for this house and this yard the Lord has given us to cultivate. My husband has a knack for the yard and gardening. A hobby that came later in life for him but I am grateful to reap the rewards. These flowers were from some of our harvest.

Happy birthday biggest girl! 


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