Party Shelf

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
A couple of weeks ago, I was ready to clean everything out. 
And then, I did one room, and haven't done another since. 

I sold a few things on ebay, gave others away and still I have too much stuff. Perhaps its the artist in me?
Either way, I did clean out one of my kitchen shelves. I now call it my party shelf. 

I love that I have a party shelf now.  I keep the upcoming party supplies in there or leftover ones. Its just a happy spot. Even my husband refers to the party shelf. Thats a real win. 

One day, instead of having a wrapping paper room or whatever specialty room that seems ostentatious, I would like to have a party supply room. It would hold all things like this but also the handmade, homemade decor I have made over the years. And when I get too many of them, I would send them out to orphanages or homeless shelters for their own happy days. 


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