Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For my sisters birthday, I made her a quilt. It was super fun to make and I used fabrics I had on hand. The cool thing is that many of those fabrics had been used on other projects. With my sister recently moving and not living in our hometown, I thought she would appreciate the sentimentality of it. She loved it! Starting from the left (the first one is the olive green floral and its a bit cut off), the olive green floral was used on a quilt I have in my living room. The second from the left, the lily pad fabric, was used on curtains in our family beach house at St. Teresa, also where we had our little girls baptized. The fourth fabric, the pink polka dot, was used on the table at my little girls 2 year old party. The sixth fabric, an aqua with yellow flowers, was used on a bag I made for my sister last christmas. The seventh fabric, chocolate, red and aqua floral, was made into a dress that I wear and actually fits!


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